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Learn How to Grow a Flower Garden

Flower Gardener's Handbook

Learn how to grow your favorite flowers!

Plan your own flower garden, get suggestions for easy-to-grow flowers, and soon you’ll have beautiful flowers everywhere! We’ve organized this series to be a step-by-step series in the order of how to flower garden to give you all the information you need to succeed.

Once you’re ready to plant, see our FLOWER GROWING GUIDE LIBRARY! You’ll see over 100 individual growing guides to the most popular plants!

Getting Started with Flower Gardening

A Guide to Planting Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs

Flower Garden Design and Care Tips

How flowers are good for our health and happiness

The 7 Steps of Starting a Flower Garden

Building a Raised Flower Bed Garden

How to make a DIY raised flower bed with wood

Four design ideas for your new raised flower bed

Choosing Flowers

Low-Maintenance Plants That Return Year After Year

What's the point of annual flowers? An annual debate!

Long-Blooming Regional Flowers

Best annuals and perennials to start from seed

Choose Plants That Reseed Themselves for Years of Blooms

Types of Flower Gardens

A Flower Garden Design for Spring, Summer, and Fall Color

Make Your Own Perennial Flower Garden

Create a Romantic Garden | 12 Plant Ideas

What flowers to grow for cutting?

White Flowers That Shine in the Moonlight

Flower Gardening for Pollinators

How to build the perfect butterfly habitat

Which flowers do bees like best?

Supporting Native Plants, Pollinators, and Sustainable Practices in the Home Garden

Growing Flowers in Containers

Choosing the Best Perennials and Annuals for Containers

Spring and Fall Bulbs

When to plant fall bulbs for spring flowers

Spring-planted bulbs that flower in summer and fall

Why Bulbs Didn't Flower, After-Bloom Care, and FAQ

Caring for Flowers

Planting, Dividing, and Caring for Perennials

Preparing Perennial Plants for Winter

Which perennials to divide in fall versus spring

Harvesting Flowers

Select the right cutting flowers that last!

3 ways to press flowers

Which flowers and foliage are best for drying?

Saving zinnia seeds, sunflower seeds, and more!

Flower Gardener's Handbook