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Located in beautiful Ashland Oregon, RISE provides cutting edge Network Chiropractic (NSA) and Reorganizational Healing (ROH) to everyone hungry for change. With the chiropractic tools of NSA and ROH, we help you activate health and wellness to make sustainable progress in all areas of your life. Using a unique community social business model, RISE prioritizes serving people over profits and utilizes the resources of our entire community to provide care for everyone ready to live an Energy Rich life. Through our innovative love-based community wellness model, RISE members are actively changing their lives and the lives of others in our community.

Meet Dr. Julie Newman

A licensed chiropractor with advanced training and level 3 certification in Network Spinal Analysis, the highest level of certification available.

Network Chiropractic Tools

We offer gentle chiropractic and ROH tools to support you in living your best life. To begin this transformational work, schedule an exam or sign up for a group class or workshop.

Community Model of Care

Offering a new love-based community wellness model, where RISE members are actively helping change the lives of others in our community who are in need of support.
Reorganizational Healing empowers you to
align your body and your life
We help you build your health, teaching you how to best use your energy in order to make sustainable progress in all areas of your life.
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Energy Rich is a state of effortless flow where you are connected, aware and present.

Your body and mind are aligned so you can live your best life.
Tools to support you in living your best life

Wherever you are in life, if you are looking for tools to get out of pain or resolve symptoms, to connect more deeply with your body, to transform your family, career or community, to be in the zone where you are centered, energized, guided and confident or to access new perspectives and energy for living, living Energy Rich is for you.

Network Spinal Analysis

A gentle chiropractic technique to release and remove deeply ingrained patterns and tension that are keeping you from living Energy Rich

Somato Respiratory Integration

Giving you the tools to experience a deeper connection to your innate healing rhythms through focused attention, gentle breath, movement & touch

Triad of Change

A powerful tool designed to help you more easily navigate change, so that you can grow and thrive even when your life circumstances are challenging
deserves to live
Energy Rich
We believe that everyone should have access to the resources to live an Energy Rich life. Your generous donation enables us provide care to anyone looking to live an Energy Rich life, regardless of their current financial circumstances.
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So thankful to have found RISE and Dr Newman!

"I came to Dr. Newman in pain with low energy. I couldn't seem to keep my stress levels down no matter what I did and I had been trying everything!! In just one session I felt so much better. A month in I am pain-free and my energy levels are up. I look forward to my sessions and it's easy to fit them in with my hectic work schedule. Dr. Newman is very caring and makes you feel comfortable. My entire quality of life has changed and I am so thankful to have found RISE!"

C.F. - Arcada, CA
A true professional

"Anyone who gets to work with Dr. Newman is so fortunate!  I have know her as a colleague for more than 10 years and here are some qualities she brings to a highly skilled background. She is so very kind, sensitive, nourishing in his actions and feelings, intuitive, and playful.  Julie is directed with great passion to uphold and protect and guide men and women into their healing, their power, their hearts.  She does this with a spaciousness and trust in the process."

Miriam Wotiz - Ashland, OR
Amazing improvements

"I came to Dr. Newman with pain in my back,hips, and knees, along with plantar fasciitis. I wanted to seek an alternative to my daily pain medications and NSA was a great way for me to learn more about my body and what was causing my pain. Over the past year, the majority of my pains are gone. My posture and awareness of my body has improved immensely to the point that I know when I am doing something I should not be doing. Dr. Newman's NSA work was a turning point for me in my journey to a better, healthier life. I am now able to do all the things I love to do but  had to abandon over the years. I highly recommend this work if you are serious about improving your health."

Chad F - Talent, OR
Ready to live your
We believe that people have the desire to take care of themselves and then take care of others. We're here to assist you on your path to wellness.
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