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The Triad of Change is a tool designed by Dr. Donald Epstein to help you more easily navigate change, so that you can grow and thrive even when your life circumstances are challenging. The Triad explores the relationships between your Perceptions (what you focus on), Structures (how your life-systems are put together), and Behaviors (what you are actually doing in your life). The order in which you consider or address these three elements is what creates the difference between pain and progress.

This easy to learn tool is specific to you.  It can be used to prepare for your day and meet each moment of your life. Learning how YOU best resource energy to live a present, aware and vibrant life is the intention of the triad. When your eyes open to the day your body automatically takes action (behavior), pauses to think and feel (perception) or steps into your routine (structure for the day).  When you begin with the energy that is easiest for you to access, you can access the entire triad with ease, stepping into the flow of life and actively generating a life of fulfillment and contribution.

Life is not without challenge, it is part of the human experience.  How we meet challenges is what shapes our life. The behaviors we respond with, the questions we ask ourselves and the organization that we bring allow us to consumed by the challenge or to rise.  Using your triad allows you rise and fully receive the gifts of life with awareness, potential and grace.

Your orientation overlays all of this. We can determine where you get the most energy from (i.e. is it deep within you or up among the stars or somewhere in between?). It is easy to come back to your triad over and over again throughout the day.  When we access energy from a source that is incorrect for us, we often live in pain and suffering.  Energy, beyond exercise, a good diet and coffee is available to us all the time when we discover our natural rhythms.

Changing the sequence in which you address the sides of your Triad of Change alters your expression of consciousness, and creates
the difference between struggle or the effortless expression of your core nature.

Exploring your unique code for success

Creating a new personal system

Have you ever intended to make a change only to find yourself right back where you started shortly thereafter? Maybe you’d like to exercise more (change a behavior), get rid of anxiety or depression (change a perception), or develop a weekly meal schedule that supports your family (change a structure). Often when making changes such as these, you may find that it is rather difficult to make the changes. Why is this?  The answer can be found in The Triad of Change Model. These three elements — behavior, perception and structure — create a triad that when understood, allows us to gain leverage by using our strengths.

If you focus on what’s not working, you’ll need to put in more and more energy just to keep things where they are currently. Take your foot off the gas for a second, and things break down. Whether that’s an increase in symptoms or feelings of overwhelm, a drop in energy, or simply feeling like you’re moving farther away from where you want to get to. It’s simply not sustainable to put more effort into a way of doing things that’s not energy efficient, or that hasn’t worked for you in the past.

Understanding and using our strengths (just like working with the part of the spine that is free and energy rich so that the rest of the system can entrain to that) helps us access sustainable change. Typically, whatever we see as a problem in our lives will be related to the side of our triad that happens to be weaker. For example, think of a person who seems unable to take action in some area of their life (behavior). Trying harder and harder to take action and be consistent with that exercise program will likely only lead to self-berating about not being able to do so on a consistent basis. An easier way would be to harness their strengths of perception and structure first. By working on the other, stronger sides of the triad, this person is much more likely to find their behavior falling into place. They’ve created the system that works to support getting a consistent result in their lives.

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Each of us has a uniquely organized triad. At RISE, we help you identify your personalized recipe for success and help you to harness the power of working congruently with your strengths, enabling you to rise and take action.
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