What if...
one opportunity
could change your life?

Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much

Changing the lives of others in our community
At RISE, we offer a Buy one, Give one scholarship program, which enables us to provide chiropractic care scholarships for people who are committed to embodying and learning this work, transforming their bodies and lives and being of service to the RISE community, but currently lack the financial resources to pay for their care.

All scholarship recipients will be required to participate in the RISE mentorship program, as we believe an equal exchange between you and your doctor is essential to our collective growth. As part of your chiropractic care, you will learn healing tools such as SRI and the Triad of Change. All mentors will receive additional training in assisting others in implementing these powerful healing tools. RISE mentors will be asked to give of their time consistently assisting other practice members in the office to maximize the use of these tools.  Continuing to receive your scholarship is dependent on your active participation in our RISE mentorship program.
We are proud to serve our community
If you interested in transforming your body, mind and life by receiving Network Chiropractic care but currently do not have the resources to pay for your care, please consider applying for a RISE Scholarship
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