When i rise,
let me rise,
like a bird,

The best way to find yourself is to

lose yourself in the service of others

Finding the path to happiness
As a young child, RISE founder Dr. Julianne Newman knew that she would make a difference in the world.  Julie felt a strong calling to be of service and, in her 8 year old brain, service meant sitting on the supreme court or joining Mother Teresa in Calcutta.  Fortunately, her life did not take her down either of those paths. Julie's internal knowing was met with opportunities to volunteer with homeless teenagers, elders with dementia, and children with behavior challenges. She rose into action knowing her path and completed her bachelors in Social Work.

As a social worker, Julie regularly advocated for her clients. She witnessed that the system was keeping her clients stuck in survival, just barely above crisis. Julie believed that she could provide services that would facilitate her clients' growth.  Julie rose to expand the tools she used for healing and transforming lives. The combination of fighting a system that would not change along with undiagnosed injuries from martial arts, led Julie to experience chronic migraines headaches.  At the advice of her neurologist, Julie began taking an ever increasing dose of anti-inflammatory and pain medication.  She was told this was the way her life would always be.
You are not what happens to you...
you are what you choose to become
She knew that there had to be another way
& took action to find it.
Community chiropractic care
Julie began receiving chiropractic care to help with her chronic migraines and began to study reiki, jin shin jyutsu and massage. She began to heal her body and was amazed by the affects of regular chiropractic care on her migraines, mental health and ability to learn.  When Julie realized that these tools would not be accepted in the model that she was working in, she rose to transform her career and opened a massage practice and  advanced her martial arts training and teaching.

While Julie had a vibrant practice in a wealthy suburb, she desired additional tools to serve more people, including those who could not afford bodywork.  While attending a professional conference, Julie listened to a chiropractor talk about his donation only chiropractic practice.  With chiropractic as his only tool, he helped thousands of people transform their lives and offered care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.  Armed with the personal experience of chiropractic care radically changing her life, combined with an innovative social business model, Julie decided yet again to RISE and applied to chiropractic school.

Dr. Newman graduated from chiropractic school in debt and put her dreams of a "donation only" practice on a distant shelf in favor of a dream of a financially stable practice.  While she was settling into married life with children and a small chiropractic practice,  life was stable and unfulfilling.  This time, Julie's husband rose, taking a year long leadership intensive with NSA and ROH as the primary tools used to help individuals rise up in their lives.  Her husband's participation began to change Julie's family and together, they both signed up for a second year of training.  Their relationship went from being largely tolerant of each other to a connected, passionate, and engaged partnership where they participated in creating a vibrant life together.
Committing to living an
Energy Rich life

A little older, wiser and significantly more creative, Dr. Julie Newman has reclaimed her dreams of a donation-based practice, bringing her vision of RISE to life.

Dr. Newman is the founder and director of RISE, a non-profit that prioritizes serving people over profit, utilizes the resources of our entire community and makes the dream of an 8 year girl a sustainable, cutting edge reality.

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