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How does Network Chiropractic work?

a NSA chiropractor uses very gentle, specific contacts at the area of attachment where the spine and spinal cord connect. That helps the nervous system pick up feedback and act to recognize stress and tension in the neural tissue, spine and throughout the body. Often, during a gentle adjustment – an “entrainment” – your body uses your breath and spinal motion to dissipate this tension. This revolutionary work was formerly known as Network Chiropractic, and as it grew so did its name. Taught internationally only to chiropractors, it is known as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).

What does a Network Spinal Analysis entrainment feel like?

A gentle Network Spinal Analysis entrainment feels like a gentle contact of my finger upon an area along your spine. The contacts usually elicit a feeling of deeper breath, tingling sensation, increased heat or blood flow, or overall peacefulness throughout your body and mind.

Is Network Spinal Analysis care recommended for children?

Yes, children love their Network Spinal Analysis care, and my chiropractic office and staff love working with children and their families. It is so gentle and relaxing. Children generally respond very quickly to their care, and parents see the results of improved health and wellness early on. Most parents say their children seem more calm, happier and loving while under care. Others say the children’s level of immune problems such as ear infections, colds, allergies and asthma diminish significantly. Infants who exhibit such issues as colic, digestive problems, reflux, poor sleep or difficulty nursing also respond well to this chiropractic care, making early parenting much less stressful.

Will I need ongoing chiropractic care?

Network Spinal Analysis care has four levels — degrees of depth — associated with the work. The first level of care is where we begin. At your examination, I will offer the best care options possible so you can meet your health and wellness goals. For 95% of the people in my Ashland chiropractic clinic, one of these options works. The option you choose determines how frequent you get entrained. To change a habit, repetition is important — and we are changing how your nervous system responds to stress and tension.

Does insurance cover this type of chiropractic care?

If your insurance covers chiropractic care, it will cover gentle Network Spinal Analysis care at our Ashland chiropractic clinic. Please call your insurance company or agent for your specific policy details. Our office will give you all the necessary paperwork so you can file your claim and get reimbursed.

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