"I believe that all people deserve access to the tools that can help them
transform their lives by living
Energy Rich"
- Dr. Julianne Newman
Dr. Julianne Newman
Chiropractor, Coach, Activist
Decades into her own personal growth journey, Dr. Julianne brings the professional tools of chiropractic, social work and martial arts to her Reorganizational Healing practice.  As a chiropractor, she excels in holding multiple perspectives about each unique human who enters her practice.

Dr. Newman is able to assess a persons physical structure while holding their emotions, stories and spiritual being.   She utilizes the most efficient and effective chiropractic tools to facilitate the greatest healing and growth possible for every person she serves.  All of this comes together to paint a full picture of each person she serves. Seeing each person as a masterpiece just as they are and simultaneously ready for enormous transformation under her care.

Dr. Newman graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2007 and has since received Level 3 certification in Network Spinal Analysis, the highest certification available to Doctors of Chiropractic.
"Dr. Newman is very caring and makes you feel comfortable. My entire quality of life has changed and I am so thankful to have found RISE!"
C.F. - Arcada, CA
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